herringsFirst published 1994 in UK hardback – Harper Collins
UK paperback published 2004 – Pan Macmillan

Expect the unexpected…

A wrongly convicted murderer exacts a flawless plan of revenge… Headlights in a rear-view mirror tail a female traveller on a lonely stretch of road… A serial bride secures her future by marrying only the wealthiest of men… An escaped Iraqi with a price on his head pays an involuntary visit to his homeland… A brush with death proves the biggest break of an aspiring artist’s career…Two strangers, struck by lust-at-first-sight, consider a myriad of possibilities for where the day will take them.

… and you’ll still be surprised.

Because nothing is what it seems.

Bestselling author Jeffrey Archer, “one of the most captivating storytellers writing today” (Pittsburgh Press) engages the reader in a cunning game of cat-and-mouse as he spins twelve ingenious tales of duplicity, love, murder and revenge, each capped with a startling twist. But be careful, for buried in each tale is a red herring — a wicked diversion that Archer challenges readers to uncover for themselves. Artfully entertaining and suspenseful, this is Jeffrey Archer at his inventive best.

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