president6 days, 13 hours and 37 minutes to go …

At the end of The Prodigal Daughter, Florentyna Kane is elected President – the first woman President of the United States. After decades of struggle, sacrifice, and personal tragedy, she has finally attained her goal. Yet even as she gives her inaugural speech, those who oppose her are plotting to silence her forever.

At 7.30 p.m. one evening the FBI learn of a plot to kill her – the 1,572nd such threat of the year. At 8.30 p.m., five people know all the details. By 9.30 p.m., four of them are dead.

Only one man, FBI agent Mark Andrews, knows when the assassins will strike, and even he doesn’t know where, how, or most importantly, who they are. He has only six days to track down the senator at the heart of the cold-blooded conspiracy. Six days in which he can waste no time, leave no trail, and trust no one. Six days to prevent certain death of the President.

One wrong word, one false move, and both a nation and a dream will crumble.

The only difference between this book and The Day of the Jackal, is Archer is a better writer.
— Chicago Tribune
Here is terror, outrageous and top-notch.
— Vogue

Interesting fact:
Shall We Tell the President?, the final book in the Kane and Abel trilogy, was originally not written for the series. In the first version, published in 1977, Ted Kennedy played the part of the President. However, following its release, Archer wrote The Prodigal Daughter — the sequel to Kane and Abel — in which the chief character, Florentyna Kane, becomes the first female President of the United States. It seemed only logical to introduce this character in a revised edition of Shall We Tell the President?, which would give the book a natural link to Kane and Abel and The Prodigal Daughter.

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