bhf_raceJeffrey completed the Flora London Marathon on April 18th 2004, in 5 hours 26 mins, raising money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation UK, the British Heart Foundation, the Fund for Addenbrooke’s and the Facial Surgery Research Foundation. He was overtaken by a camel, a phone-box and a girl walking.

While he has no plans to repeat the experience, he nevertheless likes to stay fit. He still trains three days a week with the help of his New Zealand trainer, Jacqui Leuii, and he won’t let travel interfere. On a recent book tour to Australia, he had his programme sent ahead so that he could continue his work-outs without missing a beat.


British Heart Foundation
Make A Wish Foundation UK
The Facial Surgery Research Foundation
Addenbrooke’s Hospital

(Photo of Jeffrey at the start of the 2004 marathon courtesy of the British Heart Foundation.)