First Among EqualsFirst televised 1986

Jeffrey’s fifth novel was made into a10-part ITV/Granada drama series in 1986.

From 30/09/86 to 02/12/86, viewers followed 20 years in the careers of four aspiring MPs, played by Jeremy Child, David Robb, Tom Wilkinson and James Faulkner, one of whom would finally achieve his dream of becoming Prime Minister. John Gorrie and Sarah Harding directed; music by Richard Harvey.

An interesting bit of trivia: The TV adaptation featured parts of the town of Bolton in the UK as substitute settings for the Kremlin.

Produced by Mervyn Watson for Granada Television, First Among Equals strives for, and generally attains, the slickness of a Dallas or Dynasty. Even the opening credits are done in a style paying obvious homage to the American prime-time soaps.

— from a review in The New York Times

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